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iVersion is an IT solutions provider delivering cutting-edge and robust technology solutions. We provide wide range of IT solutions for Australian Businesses. At iVersion, we believe technology can play a crucial role in helping your business achieve growth and success. We deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that are simple and effective to help your business achieve growth. We have the experience and the expertise in wide range of information technology areas, including:

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Our Vision

Provide innovative technology solutions to help your business do more for less.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge cost optimised solutions that are simple and effective to enable your business growth and success.

Our Commitment

iVersion is a community focus and responsible organisation, we have strong commitment to protect environment and support our local community.

Meet our friendly team, always keen on helping you with your tech issues.

Our staff are both experienced and industry certified. We have diverse skills sets to offer support for a wide range of technologies. We invest in continued education and skill development for our staff to address rapid changes in the IT industry. Our team is capable of dealing with wide range of products and platforms including AWS, Citrix, Azure, Office 365, Microsoft, VMware, Networking, Security and 3CX. We adhere to professional ethics and a strict code of conduct handling confidential information.

We Care for Environment and Our Community

iVersion is a community focus and responsible organisation, we have strong commitment to protect the environment and support our community. iVersion supports climate change action, and we support green IT. By helping our customers adapt to green IT, we reduce their carbon footprint. As an organisation, we work together with our customers, partners and community to build a better society. We are always supportive of individuals and not for profit organisations. iVersion express its support by offering discount to not for profit organisations. We provide financial support for cancer and Alzheimer research.

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iVersion Broadcast

For many businesses, your phone system is critical to your day to day operations. To protect your business, you should choose a resilient and disaster-proof PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offering optimum business continuity and exceptional call quality. 3CX is an excellent choice for your business phone system, but the question is, will you be hosting it on-premise or in the cloud?

On the 17th December 2019, Citrix disclosed their ADC and Citrix Gateway products version 10.5, 11.1, 12.0, 1.1 and 13.0 are all effected by CVE-2019-19781. This particular vulnerability allows unauthenticated, remote code execution, and it provides a malicious attacker with an ability to execute code without login, the attacker can target servers hosted inside your private network behind Citrix ADC appliance.

The public cloud is a relatively young industry that, according to Gartner Research, will expand by 16% to AUD 412 billion (USD 302 billion) by next year. It’s at times like this that we feel uncertain. There’s a sense that unless we jump on the bandwagon, we’ll end up eating our competitor’s dust. Building multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure for your organization is an IT challenge that rests on answering a formidable range of questions. For example, can the public cloud reliably, cost-effectively, and to the highest standards provide the following?