About iVersion

At iVersion, we believe that technology can play a crucial role in helping your business achieve success. We deliver technology solutions that are simple, effective and meet your business needs. IVersion provides a wide range of technological solutions. Since our humble beginning, we have developed our self to be the leader in providing IT services. We cover the following IT areas:

  • Phone system
  • Website hosting
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Security

iVersion achieved excellence by investing in emerging technologies and our staff. We understand that success is only achieve by leading not by following. That’s why iVersion provide cutting edge solutions to help your business achieve growth.

Supporting our Community

iVersion supports climate change action. Thus we support green IT. By helping our customers adapt to green IT, we reduce their carbon footprint. As an organisation, we work together with our customers, partners and community to build a better society. We are always supportive of individuals and not for profit organisations. iVersion express its support by offering discount to not for profit organisations. We provide financial support for cancer  and Alzheimer.

Our Team

Our staff are both experienced and industry certified. All our team members are passionate about technology and love solving problems. Our staff are always friendly and committed to helping you out with your IT issues. We take pride in servicing your IT needs and respect your privacy. We adhere to professional ethics and a strict code of conduct handling confidential information.

iVersion value continuous education for its staff. We also appreciate  industry certification programs and encourage our staff to get certified. Industry certifications provide a baseline to asses the professional skills of an individual. We have vendor certified engineers for Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, IS2, CompTIA and Amazon.

Our Expertise

Many of our engineers have over ten years of industry experience. They have strong technical skills and understanding business needs. Our team consist of experts in Citrix, VMware, AWS, Azure, Office 365, Network and IT Security.

To solve your next IT problem, talk to an expert at IVersion.