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We protect your IT systems with unsurpassed Multi-Layered Security. Stop the persistent & lethal cyber-threats like ransomware from paralysing your business continuity.

The barrage of cyber-attacks has the power to bring your operations to a standstill. Ignoring the sophistication of hackers and the cyber-criminal factor as a whole is no longer an option you can afford. Don’t leave them even the slightest crack or opportunity to break your rhythm or disrupt your team. iVersion’s managed security solution ensures the placement and maintenance of optimal security to deliver peace-of-mind with the ultimate in incident response capabilities. We are an end-to-end managed security provider that prides itself on taking care of everything.

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What Do You Get With iVersion’s Managed IT Security Solution?

An ROI-Centric | Real Security Solution for your Business

Zero Trust Security Solution | We Leave No Loose Ends

Your security is as good as its weakest link. Therefore a holistic approach delivering optimal endpoints, network, servers and cloud security is what you need. Our multi-layered security design offers resilient zero trust security infrastructure and leaves no weak links for hackers to exploit.

Office 365 Security

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    Cloud Security

    Modern distributed IT systems designed to drive your efficiency to new heights, but they also introduce new security challenges. When adapting the cloud platforms to take advantage of the flexible and cost-effective offering, you need to avoid adding new security risks. Our Managed Security solution also takes care of your cloud security. We make sure that you are using the best security practices for your cloud deployment. Our regular cloud security audit ensures the safety of your data and resources in any public or private cloud.

    Spending money on expensive security products isn’t the right way to protect your data. Letting our cost-conscious security experts do it for you is the way to go.

    Firewall Management

    As critical as firewalls are for your network security, their internet exposure leaves them open to a bombardment of cyberattacks. iVersion’s firewall management provides the protection level you expect. You can rest assured that your firewall devices are regularly updated and appropriately configured, thus guarding your network entrance. Not just now and again, all of the time. Our security specialists focus on maintaining the best security practices to enable maximum protection.

    Patch Management

    Timely software updates and patch management is time-consuming and an ongoing hassle for many SMB entities. It’s especially the case when there are multiple devices per user, many of them mobile. Failure to update your devices on time puts your data at risk by increasing your exposure. iVersion’s latest technology patch management solutions deliver updates at the right time, no matter the location of your user-devices at any time.

    Content Filtering

    Modern cyber threats lure end-users into browsing malicious web links, known in the industry as phishing. Such an action allows the virus to gain control as it opens a firewall port from inside the network. Content filtering and URL inspection play a crucial role in blocking phishing attacks, launched from thousands of new domains registered by hackers. A managed URL filtering service with SSL inspection and intelligent AI base threat detection is the optimal defence for your network against these techno-centric threats. iVersion’s content filtering system embraces all this and more to ensure real-time protection against zero-day attacks.

    Spam Protection

    It sounds crazy; email traffic on the internet is 50% driven by spam messages. It provides hackers with their number one weapon for delivering malware and phishing links. It figures, therefore, that your #1 priority is to stop malicious emails. iVersion’s managed spam protection provides an effective way to prevent spam. We continuously monitor and fine-tune spam detection to ensure minimal impact on the users and maximum security for your network.

    Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerabilities connect closely to security flaws in software code, configuration issues, and human error. iVersion’s managed security solution delivers a real-time proactive vulnerability scan. We discover and fix your weaknesses before cybercriminals, or a deviant staff member can exploit them. Our proven remedies are comprehensive, reliable, and have stood the test of time.

    Data Loss Prevention

    Protecting data lies at the core of our managed security solution. Access control without disrupting the end-users is imperative in an optimal data loss prevention solution. Thus, you can be sure It’s a priority consideration when we assist in its design, deployment, and maintenance. A meaningful difference in our DLP solution is its user adoption based on the concept of simplicity. We empower your staff to protect data with accountability that’s visible to you at all times.

    Incident Response

    False promises of 100% security are short-term bandaids that inevitably disappoint. We know that responsibly managed security is twofold:

    1. Preventing security breach by keeping you secure
    2. Preparing for the incident response to help you through difficult times 

    After our systems are in place working at the highest level, we provide 24/ 7 incident response and damage control just in case a rare disruption occurs. Our vigilance is your passport to concentrating on the things that matter, like growing your revenue. 

    Flexible Deployment Options

    Our Managed Security solution is entirely flexible. It allows you to select the degree of security control you wish to deploy in conjunction with your IT & Governance team. It ranges from pinpointed assistance all the way through to a one-stop-comprehensive solution. Book your complimentary security assessment today.

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