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Choosing the right domain name is important for your business. A domain name is more than a web address. It’s how people will remember and look for your business online. You should take your time and search few options before making your final decision regarding the domain name. You can read few important tips here before you start your search.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

There are many domain name extensions and growing. So how do you choose the right domain extension? Should you go for the most common .com.au, .com or something else?

Protect Your Domain Name

What is Domain Privacy, and how do I lock my domain? What do I need to do to protect my domain name?

Choosing the Right Web Hosting

Why do I need Web Hosting? What type of web hosting is best for my business?

Business Email Address

It’s all about making an impression. Match your email address with your domain. Why is a generic email address bad for your business?

Choose the Right Domain Provider

There are so many domain name providers around the world. When buying your domain name, you should carefully evaluate the domain registration provider. Many hosting companies sell domain names for a low price, although the cost is not the only factor you need to consider. It would be best if you also checked the quality of their support.

iVersion is Australia’s leading technology services provider and web development agency. Traditional hosting companies make their profit from domain registration and hosting. At iVersion, we provide domain registration and hosting services to complement our web development business.

We provide discounted costs for domain registration and hosting service to Australian businesses. Our bulk purchase power means you obtain your .com.au domain name as low as $5 per year. Stay tuned for special offers.

Australian Owned

iVersion is an Australian owned and operated business. We are a premium service provider. For more personalised, trustable domain management and support, many Australian companies trust iVersion.

Personalise Your Domain Search

We help choose the right domain name for your business. Our Digital marketing expert can host a session and help you find the right domain name for your business.

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Domain Buy Back

Don't Lose your Domain Name

Many of our clients have shared their horror stories with us regarding domain providers. Some of our clients lost their domain names because they forgot to renew the domain name on time. These customers have to pay a huge price to buy back their domains.

We offer work with our customers to protect their domain ownership. Unlike our competitors, we monitor and follow up with you to avoid these disasters. If you are away and we cannot confirm your intention, we will renew your domain name. It’s just one of the many extra miles we are prepared to go to protect our customer’s interest.

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