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Tips for Choosing Great Domain Name for Australian Businesses

by Noreen Abbasi
September 16, 2021

Before you embark on your journey to develop a website, as a very first step, you need the right domain name. A domain name is more than a web address. That’s why its important to choose a great domain name for your business. A good domain name is easy to remember for people, and it helps you make your brand popular.


Why do you need a Domain Name?

A domain namehttps://iversion.com.au/transfer-domain/ is a unique web address (e.g. www.yourbusiness.com.au). This web address is sometimes also referred to as a URL.

You’ll come across many different types of domain names. Some domain names have special eligibility requirements, for example, org.au. Many domain name types are easy to register because their eligibility is less strict. Some of the most commonly used domains names for Australian businesses are:

.com.au is the most common domain name type use by Australian businesses. Only Australian businesses or tradies with an ABN number are eligible to buy .com.au domains.

  • .net.au is the second most common Australian domain name type. If you cannot buy your perfect name with the .com.au, you may want to try the same name with the .net.au. The eligibility criteria for .net.au is the same.
  • .org.au names are for Not-for-Profit organisations like charities. The eligibility criteria for the .org.au domain is strict. Only Australian NGOs with a valid ABN or ACN number can apply for .org.au domains.
  • .asn.au domains are for political parties, trade unions or other Australian associations. You need a valid ABN or ACN number to apply for this type of domain.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Domain Name

A good domain name has the following qualities:

  • The domain name reflects your business name.
  • A good domain name has three syllables or less.
  • A good domain is easy to pronounce, type, spell, and convenient to remember.
  • The domain name should be available for registration. You can check domain availability here.

How to Buy your Domain Name?


Check domain availability. You can check available domain names on our site. In case the domain name you are after is not available, consider other options. You may use acronyms or include the search terms of your core product or service. Another option is to use a different domain extension. For example, instead of .com.au, try .net.au.

  • Check if you are eligible for the Domain Name.

There are different criteria for various types of domain spaces. For .au domains, you can check the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) ‘s policy for eligibility.

  • Get Your Domain Name

The right approach is to buy your domain name as soon as possible. You should not wait for your website to be completed before registering a domain. By doing this, you risk losing your perfect match. Remember, millions of people are searching and buying domains names every day.

Choosing the Right Domain Name Provider


There are many domain registration providers. Choosing the right domain registrar is very important. Instead of selecting the cheapest domain provider, choose a trustworthy one. It is a good idea to register your domains using an Australian provider.

Once you have registered your domain name, make sure you set it to auto-renew. It is legal for someone to place a backorder for your domain. If you don’t renew your domain name, you may lose it to someone else. Many businesses, including Google, had to buy back their domains.

If someone else can register your expired domain name, you are at their mercy. There is no guarantee that you will get your domain back. Even if you do, usually it cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the new owner’s demands.

Buy Your Domain Today!


Start your online journey today! Start searching for the perfect domain name, and make sure to register it. If you need help finding the right domain name, feel free to call us. Our digital marketing experts are available to assist you. Let’s start searching for the perfect domain name for your business.

Got Your Domain Name - Let's Take the Next Step

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