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Sell blinds, shutters, curtains and doors online with ease. Are you a business owner looking for an eCommerce solution for selling blinds and shutters online? Our Simple eCommerce solution is ideal for your industry. Book your demo for Blinds eCommerce Software today!

Sell Blinds Online with Ease
Simple eCommerce Features

Sell Made to Measure Products with Perfection

Add custom features and selection rules for made to measure products

Multiple Pricing Options

Calculate product price based on its size, material, and other features

Colour swatches

Use a single product photo and apply different colours to it

Fully Customised for Your Business

We provide custom web design for each client to make your site looks unique.

Mobile Responsive

Grow your business by engaging potential clients from any device, including tablet and mobile phones.

SEO Friendly

List your business on Google and other search engines with ease.

Tailored eCommerce Solution –
To Sell Tailor Made Products.

Selling blinds, shutters, and curtains is a lot different from selling T-Shirts and drinks online. Most eCommerce solutions (Magento, WooCommerce) are not capable of selling made to measure products. Calculating the price for made to measure products like blinds is complex because of many variations. iVersion’s Simple eCommerce solution makes it easy for you to provide custom quotes and take orders online.

iVersion's Simple eCommerce Does

Not all eCommerce software solutions are capable of Selling Made to Measure Products

If you are a blinds, shutters and curtains business and thinking of selling online, book your demo to see how our Simple eCommerce platform can help you grow.

    Use Simple eCommerce to Manage Complex Product Pricing for Blinds Grid Lookup, Per Square Meter and Per Item Pricing Options

    Simple eCommerce offers numerous pricing options. You can apply multiple price values to a single product based on its attributes. The final product price is a total of all attributes prices. For example:

    Table Lookup:

    Display blinds prices based on height, width, material and colour from table lookup. Import your price sheet into the system, and that’s it.

    Per Square Meter:

    Calculate the price of Shutters and Curtains based on the square meter, material and colour.

    Customise Online Orders by Including Add-ons:

    Give your customers the freedom to choose their favourite chain, handle and stoppers. Simple e-Commerce makes it easy for your customers to include additional Add-ons. Pre-programmed settings ensure that your customer can only select the correct add-ons. Display accurate cost and get online orders for made to measure products..

    Blinds and Shutters Add-Ons and Attributes

    Simple eCommerce provides an authentic shopping experience by enabling your customers to customise each product they wish to order. Your customers can choose additional add-ons (e.g. railing type, chain colour, handle etc.). You can either offer these add-ons and customisations for free or set a price for each one of them.

    In the end, an exact total for each made to measure product is calculated on the fly as your a potential customer tick and cross options including material, size, colour, and accessories.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    We offer a fixed cost solution. The software cost varies from client to client based on the number of customisations requested.

    Do I have to pay each month?

    We offer a fixed cost solution. The software cost varies from client to client based on the number of customisations requested.

    Does this solution work on mobile?

    Yes, Simple eCommerce is a mobile responsive web solution. It works on all devices.

    How many products can I add?

    Unlimited, you are licensed to use this system without any limitations.

    What payment gateway do you support?

    Out of the box, we have PayPal, Strip and POLI. If you need to integrate an additional gateway, we can build the code at a small cost.

    Can I host Simple eCommerce on my server?

    Yes, you can host the system on any shared, virtual and dedicated server.

    Can you host the website for us?

    Yes, we can. We provide lighting fast cloud-based web hosting. Our web hosting solution comes with malware protection and advanced security at a competitive price.

    Is this system secure?

    We use the Code Ignitor framework to build our application using industry best practices. To date, we have not had any hacking incidents. Although like any web system, your security depends on many factors, including hosting server and administration.

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