iVersion Managed AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud Migration without Hassle

Design. Architect. Optimise

iVersion Managed AWS Solution takes care of your AWS architecture design, migration and ongoing management. Whether you are already in AWS cloud or thinking of moving to AWS Cloud iVersion can improve your AWS experience by cost optimising and simplifying migration and management of your cloud resources. We have the expertise and the experience to help you get the best for your organisation using AWS Cloud. From simple deployment to complex hybrid integration, iVersion provide a complete end to end solution.

AWS Partner With Diverse Skills Set

Grow Your Business with Global Outreach

AWS Cloud Architect

We can provide expert hand in designing your AWS cloud architect, VPC, networking and Security setup.

AWS Cloud Migration

iVersion can make your AWS cloud migration experience stress free..


We can fill your skill shortage by providing ongoing cloud management for your business.


We connect your private network to AWS Cloud using both VPN and Direct Connect technologies with hassle.


A dedicated security team is always available to address your security concerns and help you implement the best cloud security practices.

Cost Optimise

Already in the AWS cloud, we can help you optimise your cloud spending and reduce your cloud subscription cost.

Download Complimentary AWS Cloud Migration Guide

Fill in the details to receive complimentary five hours of AWS support voucher or call us for no obligation discussions on how we can help. We are keen to win your business with our expert knowledge and excellent support.

    Build Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastrcuture

    iVersion can help you connect and integrate your on-premise resources with AWS cloud and expand your network. Gain Access to limitless network resources on demand and pay nothing until you use the cloud resources. AWS could can be use as hot DR site or a primary resource location. Using Hybrid cloud integration, you can gradually move your resources to AWS, test and trial different options at your on pace.

    Add Flexibility and Scalability to Your Resources with AWS Cloud

    Expand Your Infrastructure

    Use AWS to expand your storage and compute resources without the need to buy new hardware. Whether you need short term on-demand resource expansion or long term solution, AWS Cloud can deliver fast, secure and cost-effective network expansion without an upfront cost.

    Disaster Recovery

    Activate a hot DR site using AWS network, if you have an IaaS contract and happy with your network infrastructure but need an effective DR site, consider AWS Cloud. AWS Cloud can provide real hot DR site for your critical infrastructure without the need to pay huge money or lock-in contract.

    Backup Your Data

    When it comes to backup and offsite backup storage AWS is your best option. Use AWS to back up your On-Premise data and other clouds including Office 365. Use cost-effective highly durable S3 storage for long term data retention.

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