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9 Tips on How to Write a Compelling CTA

by Ahsan Haq
December 7, 2021

Your audience is more knowledgeable than ever before, and basic call-to-actions like "Buy now," "Learn more," and "Sign up" won't do the job. So, if you want to write a compelling CTA that will attract your target audience, provide information, and increase your conversions, you need to dig a bit deeper.

Creating a perfect call-to-action trigger is not easy because evoking a sense of urgency in your clients while not being pushy is a fine line. But luckily for you, we've created these nine tips on how to write a compelling CTA.

Let's check them out!

How to Write a Good Call-to-Action Statement

Generally speaking, CTA is a part of your advertisement that lets your target audience know what to do after they land on your web page. Here are some tips that will teach you how to write a compelling CTA.

1. Begin Your CTA with a Powerful Command Verb

When you're writing a CTA, you should be as clear and concise as possible. Your ad has a limit of 35 characters per description line, and you don't have a lot of space to drag your point. So, tell your audience exactly what they need to know and start with the desired action.

For example, if you own an e-commerce business, start the CTA with imperatives like "shop," "buy," and "order." Or, if you want to get more information, try something along the lines of "fill in this form to..." and "find out how to..."

2. Choose Words That Provoke Interest and Emotion

Your goal is to evoke a strong emotion in your customers that will result in a strong response. So, if you write an exciting CTA, those who read it will become excited too. For instance, "order now to get 60% off!" offers a great deal and makes people enthusiastic about it. Also, don't forget to add the exclamation point to your CTA!

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3. Provide a Reason Why People Should Engage

What do you offer? What is your unique selling point (USP)? The unique selling point is one of the key elements of generating new leads, so you can combine it with the CTA to maximize results. A great example of such a mash-up could be "contact us today and book your free consultation!" "Contact us today" is your CTA, while "book your free consultation" is a reason why they should do it.

4. Give Enough Information

Call-to-action statements can vary, but we believe that the more information it provides, the better. So, it's always good to tell your audience what they can expect to happen once they click the button.

By doing so, you will have two benefits. The first one is building trust with serious customers. On the other hand, your direct and clear message will discourage the wrong kind of audience from engaging further.

5. Use FOMO to Your Advantage

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a strong motivator. If people feel like they might lose a valuable one-time opportunity, they are more likely to act on it. So, one of the valuable points on how to write a compelling CTA is to mention a promotion or sale in the form of a limited offer. "Buy today! The sale ends on Friday!" is just one way you can phrase your CTA.

6. Know Your Audience

If you want to learn how to write a good call-to-action statement, you need to keep industry-specific phrasing in mind. Also, you should think about what kind of message your potential customers will respond to well. 

7. Don't Forget About Devices

Does your target audience use smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers more? Different devices have different user interfaces and screen sizes. Therefore, when creating your CTA, keep in mind what kind of device the majority of your customers will be using.

8. Be Creative

When you are thinking about how to write a good call-to-action statement, you can use some tried and true phrases. However, we strongly encourage you to try something new. For example, instead of saying "Fill in this form to get started," you can go with "Start living healthier today!"

9. Numbers Should Be Visible

People love when they can see real numbers like promotions, discounts, prices, and incentives. That way, it feels easier to decide whether the deal is really worth it. What’s more, if you provide information about your price and a customer clicks on it, you know they are truly interested in what you are offering.

In Conclusion

So, how to write a good call-to-action statement? To do that, you need to be clear, start with an imperative, provide enough information, numbers, and reasons why people should listen to you. But you also need to be familiar with your audience, know the language and devices they use, and include phrases that will evoke strong emotions. All in all, if you are creative in using these little tricks, you are bound to generate more leads.

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