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iVersion Managed Citrix Cloud

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iVersion provide fully managed Citrix Cloud solution that include, migration, resource integration, deployment and ongoing administration. Using iVersion managed Citrix Cloud solution you don’t need to interact with different providers for assistance, we take care of it all. Together with Citrix and iVersion you simply enjoy the benefits of Citrix without worrying about mechanics. Take advantage of Citrix virtual desktop and virtual apps without the need to deploy Citrix infrastructure using Citrix Cloud. It’s fast, simple, flexible and secure.


What Can We Do For You?

Design | Integration | Migration

Provide Citrix Licensing and subscription
Migrate On-Premise Citrix infrastructure & resources to the Cloud.
Endpoint Protection
Deploy and Manage Citrix End Point Protection (MDM + MAM)
Integrate On-Premise active directory and Cloud directory with Citrix Cloud
XenApp & Xen Desktop
Design and deploy Xen App & Xen Desktop infrastructure on your private and public cloud network.
Content Collaboration
Deploy Citrix Content Collaboration and integrate with your On-premise and Cloud file repositories.

See it in Action, Book your Citrix Demo

Fill in the form to book a Citrix demo. Find out how Citrix Cloud can deliver Fast, Secure, Reliable and Simple remote desktop infrastructure for your organisation.

Streamline Your Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud simplify the management of Citrix system by removing the need for you to deploy and manage Citrix servers. Citrix takes care of Access layer and Control layer of Citrix infrastructure and expect you manage resource layer.

iVersion Managed Citrix Cloud takes it one step further and provide fully managed Citrix solution by taking care of resource layer and daily administration. Using iVersion Managed Citrix means you don’t need an on-premise Citrix team and knowledge to use Citrix services.

Use Cases of Citrix Cloud


Simplify your corporate app deployment and secure data store within corporate apps using Citrix XenApp. Citrix Xen App runs application on virtual server and render them on end device, the data stored within apps never leave your corporate network. XenApp also makes it easier to centrally deploy and manage apps instead of updating remote devices.

Citrix Endpoint Protection

Citrix end point protection allow you to secure mobile devices including Android, IOS and Windows devices. You can use Citrix end point management to manage corporate own devices and create secure virtual workspace on BYOD devices. Use Citrix MDX apps to securely deliver and manage corporate content store in email and file repositories using end to end VPN.

Xen Desktop (VDI)

It’s always challenging to manage desktops in remote locations and Laptops. Remote network poses serious security threat for corporate network because despite the running as a trusted site, remote sites do not have the same level of security. Citrix Virtual Desktop deliver the familiar Windows desktop machine running in your secure data centre. While end user enjoys the same desktop experience the data never leave your corporate network. You can centrally manage and update Citrix Virtual Desktop without any difficulties.

Content Collaboration

Citrix Content collaboration allow you securely share on premise data stored on network shares and the data stored on SaaS based cloud storage like One Drive and Drop Box. Citrix Content Collaboration provide browser-based access and app access on mobile devices to the corporate data. Manage security of your corporate data from one place regardless where it is stored. Enforce strong DLP policies to prevent data leak no matter how your users access the files.

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