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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Content Marketing

by Shai Nair
December 5, 2022

It’s not enough to simply offer your services and hope for the best - content marketing is the key to helping your business thrive online!

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and other messy tactics, it’s only through strategically crafted and genuinely valuable SEO content that you’ll attract loyal customers, retain their interest and keep them coming back for more.

You’ll see more than just a boost in sales with a successful content marketing strategy. You’ll see increased brand awareness, more relevant traffic, improved business authority and more loyal customers – sounds like a win-win to me!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about planning, creating and publishing content designed to appeal to your target demographic. This content could come in many forms and styles, but it’s essential that you carefully tailor good quality content loaded with proper SEO content writing - this keeps you high up in search results and more likely to be seen and shared.

Reason 1 – Content Marketing Works

We’ve talked about driving traffic to your website before, but why content marketing is important comes down to its consistently effective approach with high potential to grow your brand.

It’s not just a matter of bringing eyes to your site – content marketing is an opportunity to inform people about your services, help them with an issue or build a deeper relationship in which they come to trust and rely on you. If you found a well-researched tutorial on how to paint your kitchen and it genuinely helped you, that’s a website you’d be coming back to when it’s time to paint your shed!

Quality content and higher engagement go hand in hand, so a fully developed content marketing strategy is a way to harness that potential and drive more people to your site.

Reason 2 – Content Marketing Brings Relevant Traffic

It’s great to bring a wider audience to your website, but you want to be sure you’re reaching the right people. Tailoring SEO content to the audience you want will ensure you’re bringing in the relevant traffic to your services, making them more likely to stick around or even share your site with others.

Content marketing is the best way to reach your target audience. You can appeal to the people with the most interest in your content and capture as much of that relevant demographic as possible.

This highly effective strategy worked wonders for Uber Eats thanks to their ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating…’ campaign, in which the company paired up celebrities unique to each country in order to tailor the content specifically to several international markets. As a result, Uber Eats is the most popular food delivery service with 81 million users worldwide.

Reason 3 – Business Authority Comes from Content Authority

People are quick to notice when they’re reading nonsense – there’s simply no value in publishing spam or poorly handled SEO content without any semblance of quality.

Content authority refers to the care, relevance and quality put into the content you publish. When you take the time to research a topic thoroughly, back up your information with the proper sources and offer real value to your audience, you can stand out in your industry as a reputable source of content.

This is another key reason why content marketing is important – 83% of marketers believe it’s more effective to create higher quality content less often, so it’s much easier to stick to quality over quantity with an established content marketing strategy to guide you along.

Reason 4 – Content Marketing Can Increase Trust in Your Brand

If you can provide a valuable service or solution through content, people will keep coming back to your site. Customer loyalty is all about the promise that you can solve a problem or need, and customers need to trust that your content will be reliable every time they visit your site.

Once again it comes down to content authority, with surveys showing that a whopping 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding to support a brand. Content marketing is a great way to increase trust and loyalty in your brand, with quality content bringing in repeat customers and building a sense of community around the content you publish.

Reason 5 – Content Marketing Ranks You Higher

Traditional SEO content writing relies heavily on choosing the right keywords for your business, but it’s important to avoid putting too much focus on those final buyer keywords designed to push the sale.

A carefully crafted blog post or ‘How To’ instructional will rank your business on many more of your related keywords than just final buyer ones, and incorporating these posts into your content marketing strategy is an excellent way to rank your business higher by hitting on a wider range of keywords.

The sales funnel is a model describing the journey potential customers will go through, from initial awareness of your site to growing interest and eventually a sale. While the funnel model will vary from business to business, you will always need content to capture interest in those very early stages.

Content marketing is the wide top of the funnel, hitting a wide range of related keywords to bring in interested customers and funnel them down into repeat buyers!

Good Quality Content Is Key

When it comes to SEO content writing, it’s important to remember that unique, engaging and efficiently keyword-rich content will push you higher in the rankings than keyword stuffing or low-effort spam.


You can learn more about how Google values good quality content here.

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