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Stop Paying for Malware Clean up and Protection

Most hosting companies don’t have malware protection on their servers. When your website gets hacked, they lure you into paying an extra $200 to $500 for Malware Protection?

Its Unfair, and Unethical.

Our Guarantee! We will Clean and Protect Your Website from Malware Infection or Refund the Full Web Hosting Cost*.

*Cost of an active billing cycle: If you are on a yearly cycle, you will receive a refund of 12 months worth of hosting. A monthly paying customer will only receive one monthly refund.

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Why iVersion's Malware Protection is better than others?

Most hosting providers don’t have any malware protection on their web hosting servers. They leave your website vulnerable. When a disaster strikes, they force you to buy expensive security products. 

We deploy an AI-based security scanner on our hosting server. It’s like having antivirus software on your computer.

Realtime Website Malware Protection

Prevention is better than the Cure

An external malware scanner like is limited to scanning your site using scheduled scans – Once or twice daily. Our security scanner performs real-time scans. We protect your website by preventing malware infection instead of cleaning up after each re-infection.

Make the right call, choose real-time protection.

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