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Stop Paying for Malware Clean up and Protection

Most hosting companies don’t provide malware protection on their servers. When your website gets hacked, they lure you into paying an extra $200 to $500 for Malware Protection?

Its Unfair, and Unethical.

Our Guarantee! We will Clean and Protect Your Website from Malware Infection or Refund the Full Web Hosting Cost.

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Why iVersion's Malware Protection is Better than Others?

Most hosting providers don’t have any malware protection on their web hosting servers. They leave your website vulnerable. When a disaster strikes, they force you to buy expensive security products. 

We deploy an AI-based security scanner on our hosting server. It’s like having antivirus software on your computer. We scan everything in real-time. External malware scanners only scan your account folder.

Realtime Website Malware Protection

Prevention is better than the Cure

An external malware scanner is limited to scanning your site using scheduled scans – Once or twice daily. Our security scanner performs real-time scans. We protect your website by preventing malware infection instead of cleaning up after each re-infection.

Make the right call, choose real-time protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by free malware protection?

We don’t charge for malware cleanup or website firewall. You only pay for web hosting and get Malware Protection for Free.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you pay for a hosting subscription for one year and we cannot keep your site clean during your subscription cycle for 365 days, you get a full refund for the whole year, even if you experience the infection on the last day of the subscription.

What is Real-time malware protection?

When malware is injected into your website by a hacker using any means, our scanner will detect, isolate and remove the infection almost immediately.

How is your service compare with Sucuri or Site lock?

One limitation of using an external malware protection service that does not sit on the actual server is its inability to scan the complete server. For example, on a shared hosting platform, it can only scan your account folder. It means an external scanner cannot remove malware hidden in other folders located on the server; hence, the chances of re-infection are high.

Secondly, external scanners can only scan at schedule intervals, leaving a window of opportunity for malware. Our Malware protection offers real-time scans. Every time a file is changed, it is a scanner to ensure a malware-free experience.

Why my hosting provider doesn't offer similar malware protection?

Installing malware protection software on the server requires more resources, meaning you will host fewer websites on a server with a malware scanner. Simply put, it cost more to provide secure web hosting. Most providers don’t offer malware protection and use it as an opportunity to sell third party products.

What if I don't want to continue after the trial?

You can terminate your subscription before the end of the trial. You can also download a clean copy of your website from our server. However, a vulnerable website will still get re-infected without continuous protection.

Do you provide a website firewall as well?

Yes, our service includes an AI-based web application firewall in addition to a malware scanner. The firewall provides an added layer of security and continuous protection.

Do you offer WordPress Security?

Our AI-based WAF uses specific WordPress firewall rules, vulnerability database and behaviour base detection to stop WordPress related attacks.

Do you provide virtual patching?

Yes, we offer virtual patching using WAF for web applications and WordPress websites. We also provide a WordPress management service in addition to this to maintain and update your site regularly.

Do you protect against DDOS attacks, and how?

Denial of Service Attack DDOS are very real and affect your website performance. We use smart invisible captcha technology to stop and prevent DDOS attacks.

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