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Take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 SAAS solution to reduce cost and simplify Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint administration. iVersion has the expertise and experience to migrate your on-premise mail system and SharePoint to Office 365 without hassle. We take care of the migration and management so you can enjoy the benefit of Office 365 cloud.  


What Can We Do for you?

Office 365 subscription

Our experts can help you evaluate cost benefits of On-Premise vs Office 365 solution. We can compare technical and financial aspects to provide you well optimised Office 365 subscription for your business. iVersion can offer a competitive subscription price for Office 365 and Azure services. Feel free to ask for no obligation quote.

Migration & On Boarding

iVersion can help your setup your Office 365 mail and related services. We can take care of the complexities associated with Office 365 migration and provide seamless experience for you staff. Our experts can setup your new environment in the cloud and migrate data from your current system.

Identity and Intergration

We can help you plan and implement authentication and security solution to integrate your on-premise active directory with Office 365 Azure directory. This enable seamless authentication and access experience across your organisation.

Ongoing Support

iVersion can provide ongoing support and administration for your Office 365 services. Our support team are available 24 hours 7 days a week to deliver an amazing back end and end user support experience for Office 365 service.

Email Archiving

Mail archiving is critical to ensure data protection and compliance, depending on your need you may use Office 365 archiving or third-party solution. iVersion can help you deploy and manage the right mail archiving solution for you.

Office 365 Backup

Backing up Office 365 is the only way to ensure that you data is protected from disaster; Microsoft takes no responsibility for your data recovery from accidental deletion or corruption. iVersion provide cost effective Office 365 backup solution to ensure your mail data is protected.

Let us know how can we help?

iVersion has the expertise and experience in migrating mail systems to Office 365. Whether you are using On-Premise email system like Groupwise, Microsfot Exchange or cloud based email system like Google Mail and cPanel mail, we can migrate your existing data to Office 365. Feel free to contact us to for no obligation consultation.

    How Office 365 Can help your Business

    Office 365 cloud help you by reducing the workload on your IT staff and improve service delivery for Microsoft services including Exchange Mail, Office Applications and SharePoint. It also provides additional features to enhance productivity across your organisation like OneDrive and Skype for Business. Using Office 365 cloud you don’t have to manage underline servers, network and applications to deliver services. Microsoft takes cares of Infrastructure OS and Application layer and iVersion takes care of administration.

    Benefits of Office 365 Cloud Solution

    Your Favourite apps

    Office 365 subscription include license for most popular business productivities apps like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and others for each licensed user. Unlike traditional Microsoft Office Licensing Office 365 subscription is based on per user instead of per device. It can reduce the cost by allowing single user license to consume across all devices belong to an individual user.

    Microsoft Exchange Mail

    Weather you are currently running On-Premise Microsoft Exchange or planning to move to Exchange, Office 365 hosted Exchange is the best way forward. Each user gets to have 50 GB of mail box without having you to manage underline storage, servers, network and updates. Microsoft cloud team takes care of Exchange availability and security while iVersion takes care of Office 365 administration for you. Free yourself from managing complex and time consuming mail system by moving to Office 365 Cloud.

    SharePoint & OneDrive

    SharePoint is the most powerful Intranet platform available for businesses. Using Office 365 cloud you continue to take benefit of SharePoint without having to manage servers, storage and network. Synchronise user profile and file across all devices no matter where they located. Provide true mobility and collaboration experience for you staff with huge one terabyte storage for each staff.

    Azure Active Directory

    Enhance your user account security by taking advantage of Microsoft Azure AD Premium. Azure AD offer advance security features like Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and location based policies to secure end user accounts and prevent unauthorised access.

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