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Discover your IT Security Gaps to Optimise and Improve Your Cyber Security Posture and Compliance

How Gap Analysis Helps Your Business

Don’t fall for the stories that tell you there’s a 100% security solution. There’s no such thing. Instead, you want to close all apparent weaknesses in your network and then go deeper to catch the less obvious ones. It’s all in line with practical business capabilities and your ROI goals. iVersion’s Gap Analysis does that, and more. Our team understands the security landscape like the backs of their hands. Reports show you where you stand now – security-wise – and give you improvement pointers that work by gathering information quickly with advanced tools. If there are glaring risks in your network system, we’ll find them. If they’re hiding under complex code, we’ll see those as well. If indeed security is essential to you, and improvement of it is a priority, the iVersion security improvement process is a natural next step.


Affordable IT Auditing, Gap Analysis and Vulnerability Scan

The first step toward improving your security is to perform a gap analysis and determine your current situation. Our team works with yours to identify your security goals and compliance requirements. We use this information to map out the easiest path forward to meet your IT security and compliance requirements against one of the international standards like NIST, ISO27001, ASD-ISM and PCI-DSS

The Purpose of a Gap Analysis

Identify Your Legal Obligations
Discover Security Vulnerabilities
Provide Industry Comparison
Calculate Your Risk & Exposure
Build Security Improvement Plan
Help You Achieve Security Compliance

Are You Under Attack?

Do you need urgent help to defend yourself against a security attack going on now?

Our helping hand in your most urgent time of need is an excellent way to get the ball rolling.

Things We Deliver with Our Gap Analysis Service

IT Systems Audit

Our team, via a thorough process, go into your security policies, procedures, and controls, then measures them against one of the international IT security standards. Our security experts ask a series of questions from your governance and IT staff to identify missing or inadequate policies, procedures, and controls that expose your IT system.

Vulnerability Scan

Using robust vulnerability scanning tools, we perform a complete internal and external scan of your network resources to identify weaknesses. Our vulnerability scan identifies misconfigurations and outdated software – both of which are the primary cause of many security incidents. The scan scores each vulnerability as high, medium, or low based on its ability to disrupt your business. By categorising vulnerabilities, we are thus able to help you understand their severity and priorities mitigation actions.

Asset Scoring

Information we get from audits and scans frequently result in a long list of to-dos. It can be a bit overwhelming. So, we arrange a rating table that places your exposed assets by:

  1. Value of the asset
  2. Degree of risk (i.e., high, medium, or low)

One glance at this report and your direction forward will be clear.


Business Risk Report

Our security team has the expertise to generate detailed Business Risk Report for your IT system. In doing this, we give senior management and governance personnel a meaningful ten thousand foot view of the business’ exposure and financial risk. Moreover, It’s a vital document when budgeting for IT security and risk mitigation. We compile your report by using the technical information gathered from the IT Audit, vulnerability scan, and asset scoring. In short, we help you calculate the ROI as it relates to any security improvements you may make regarding risk reduction.

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