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Need extra helping hand dealing with IT emergencies, iVersion care is an answer to your problems. Whether you have onsite IT staff or not, iVersion care is a dependable value-added solution to enhance your IT experience. Our diverse skill set and vendor certified team is always available to assist your staff with day to day administration and troubleshooting. When you subscribe to iVersion care, we provide a complete service for all your IT administration and troubleshooting needs.

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Get the Care You Need to Run Your IT With Zero Downtime, From Australia's Leading Managed Service Provider.

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    iVersion Support Care for Small Business

    Often small businesses don’t have the budget for in house IT staff or the need for a full time IT staff. iVersion care for the small business is a perfect way to outsource your IT operations to a leading IT service provider. Our helpdesk becomes yours, unlike others, we don’t provide partial support and expect you to know the technical stuff. We are well known for delivering a successful partnership and dependable support to businesses like yours. Extend your team by adding our highly qualified and experienced professionals.

    iVersion Support Care for Corporates

    Technology is expanding at a fast pace, and there are so many different products and services that businesses rely on today. Many successful companies are struggling to keep up with in house skills to manage and run their IT system. iVersion Care for corporates is the answer to your problems. We have a large pool of diverse skills and expertise that can provide extended support to your IT team. Whether your IT staff are overwhelmed with the amount of work and need an extra hand to take some load off or they need a specialist to fill the gap, you can depend on iVersion Support Team.

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    24 hours a Day 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year- Around the Clock

    One subscription is all you need to keep your system working. iVersion care provides an option for 24 hours, 7 days a week support. Our round the clock support ensures that even if the problem surfaces at midnight, it gets resolved before the start of the business day so you can continue to operate your business as usual.

    Vendor Certified Team

    Our staff have a diverse skill set to cover a broad range of technologies. We have a strong commitment to continuous education and upskilling our staff to keep with rapid change in the tech world. Many of our staff members are vendor certified in their area of expertise. Our team have Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, HP, 3CX and IS2 certified engineers ready to take on any challenge.

    Technology Specialists

    There are often times that your IT team may face a complex problem that can only be resolved by someone with in-depth knowledge and experience of a particular product. iVersion support is ideal for filling this gap, and we have Solutions Architects in our team for almost all major leading products. When downtime is not an option, and you need to get back up and running quickly, refer the headache to us.

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