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Is Cloud Hosted 3CX Right for Your Business

by Fahad Mahmood
February 23, 2020

Is Cloud Hosted 3CX Right for Your Business

A phone system is critical for day to day running of your business. To protect your business, you should choose a resilient and disaster-proof PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offering optimum business continuity and eA phone system is critical for day to day running of your business. To protect your business, you should choose a resilient and disaster-proof PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offering optimum business continuity and exceptional call quality. 3CX is an excellent choice for your business phone system, but the question is, will you be hosting it on-premise or in the cloud? Here we explore the true business benefits of cloud hosted 3CX, in particular within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloud-Ready for Easy Set-Up

With its small footprint, 3CX is the perfect candidate for cloud hosting. Requiring very little resource to run, it is a cost-effective PBX to deploy in the cloud, without compromising on quality and reliability. Cloud-hosting your 3CX on AWS will remove many of the constraints that are associated with hosting on-premise, including internal resource and expertise.

Call Quality Without Compromise

Just because cloud-hosted 3CX doesn’t require a SIP over a private WAN connection, it doesn’t mean the call quality is compromised. 3CX supports Internet SIP Trunk, which means excellent call quality, every time.



A cloud-hosted solution doesn’t equal a costly solution – In fact, it is quite the opposite. By deploying 3CX in the cloud, you remove the need for a multi-site network with redundant links that can often cost hundreds of thousands to build.

The cloud is highly redundant by design, and millions of tenants share the cost of redundant infrastructure, so the individual cost is minimal. All you pay is a small fee to run 3CX in the AWS, making it a cost-effective solution for your business, which should always be a consideration when implementing critical business service like phone system.

Always On – Zero Downtime

While deploying 3CX in the cloud doesn’t add any additional features, it does provide a low-risk phone solution with better uptime, faster disaster recovery, and it removes single points of failure. Cloud Hosted 3CX allows your business to run without interruption.

Avoid Complete Network and Storage Failure

As mentioned above, the nature of the cloud is highly redundant, meaning cloud-hosted 3CX will not have single points of failure. Internet failure is not an issue in the cloud. Cloud network has multiple internet connections and data centres. The small fee to run 3CX server in the AWS cloud allows you enormous benefits, including access to shift your 3CX to different zones and regions if required.

Storage failure is also more of a possibility than many realise. By deploying your 3CX in the cloud, you can mitigate this risk and avoid phone system outages caused by storage failures. A cloud storage system like AWS EBS storage has many layers of redundancy, and it is backed up at regular intervals using snapshot technology. The backup snapshots store on separate S3 storage with 99.9999999% uptime. Volume snapshots backup means that recovery is fast! In the event of storage failure, you can recover within a few minutes by restoring a snapshot to another zone.

Cloud Hosted 3CX Benefits Summary

  • Complete resilience against network and storage failures
  • Cost-effective with a simple subscription and small monthly cost
  • Multiple independent storage systems for recovery
  • HA protected compute resources across continents
  • A complete redundant network with numerous fast internet connections

Do you want complete peace of mind when it comes to your business phone system? Choose a 3CX provider to manage your phone system and cloud hosting at a fixed cost. Choosing the right provider for your cloud-hosted PBX provides exceptional uptime, reliable service and reduces your internal resource requirements.

Choose cloud-hosted 3CX, supplied and managed by the experts. Contact us today to find out more and start your 30 days trial in AWS cloud.

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