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3CX Business Phone System is Ideal for Mobile Workforce

by Fahad Mahmood
June 10, 2019

Many companies are realising the potential of a mobile workforce and allowing their employees to work from home. The option to work from home provides flexibility for employees, and it reduces the cost of running the business. But working from home also create new challenges for the companies. For example, it is difficult to manage processes and gain visibility into the work environment. The management doesn’t like to lose productivity and visibility. They also don’t like to change their business processes to accommodate working from home. The 3CX phone system allows business to put in place a flexible work arrangement for their employees without the challenges.

3CX Business Phone System Features

The 3CX on-premise and Cloud Hosted PBX offers many features for the teleworkers and provides full visibility and control for the management. As an Australian provider for the 3CX, we have helped many organisations with their phone system to allow their staff working from home. In this article, we highlight the key features and how they can help business with their mobile workforce.


3CX real-time presence feature keep everyone informed of their colleague presence status in real time. Regardless of the physical distance, your team members can view if someone is on the call or away for a meeting


3CX offers Windows and Mac software client, and it’s easy to install. The softphone allows your employees to use their work extension on a computer and laptop. An employee can operate their phone from anywhere and perform tasks including:

  • Answering calls
  • Call Transfer
  • Check presence status
  • Act as call center agent
  • Chat
  • Voicemail
  • view call history
  • Video conference and more…

Android and IOS

3CX offers Android and IOS app, which is simple to install from the app store on a tablet and mobile phone. The Android and IOS app can work over mobile data and WiFi. The 3CX mobile app allows employees to operate their work extension while roaming. Like the softphone, the mobile app also provides full functionality for teleworkers.

SIP over Internet

One of the big challenges with remote location and VOIP is voice quality. To address voice quality issues, 3CX PBX provides excellent call quality control and security over the internet. Besides, you don’t need a special connection or server to run a 3CX extension from home. Furthermore, when on the mobile network, 3CX offers great call quality with no delay or lag. But, when using 3CX on mobile, you may be in an area with poor internet coverage, like in remote parts of Australia. That is why 3CX provides call quality bars on the screen as an indicator of expected call quality. Besides the call quality bars, 3CX provides an option for you to answer the call using your mobile network instead of VOIP over the internet.

Office 365 Integration

Many companies use Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange as their email system. For these organisations, 3CX offers seamless integration with Office 365 and Exchange. After linking the mail system with the 3CX phone system, 3CX can update an employee’s status base on the Outlook calendar.

CRM Integration

CRM systems are the lifeblood of customer service delivery. Thus, having your phone system linked to your CRM system can help you to improve customer relationships. 3CX provides simple integration for many of the CRM systems, including Salesforce. If your CRM is not on the list, then you can use 3CX API to link it using custom code. A phone system that talks to the CRM system make it easy for your staff to assist customers. For example, when an agent answers the call, 3CX will open customer record in the CRM base on the caller identity.

3CX Phone System Cost

Most of the PBX systems charge extra money and need you to buy additional teleworker licenses. Many PBX systems are not able to offer rich features like 3CX, and others including Mitel and Cisco are complex and expensive. Unlike other phone systems, the 3CX setup is simple and cost-effective. A single 3CX hosted PBX or cloud hosted PBX server can deliver rich features and a solution that takes care of your employees working from home.

Find out how we can help you with your phone system. To book your demo for the 3CX system click on the link or call us on 1800 864 868

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