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3CX Business Video Conferencing Solution

by Fahad Mahmood
June 13, 2019

3CX Video Conferencing offers many features, and it costs a fraction compared to other subscriptions. 3CX Video Conferencing can empower your businesses to collaborate, share and meet with your partners and customers. The launch of the 3CX version 16 has delivered the perfect Business video conferencing solution with no extra cost. Until the release of the version 16 3CX was missing the ability to dial in from a phone. Allowing audio via a phone is critical to ensure support for the users with a poor internet connection.

The 3CX solution is far more superior than any other solution in the market including Go to Meeting, WebEx and Zoom. The release of version 16, 3CX has complete the solution and made 3CX video conferencing the leader in the industry. The unique ability to deliver plugin-free video conference is a big plus for 3CX compare to other solutions. Finally, the 3CX manage the system so you don’t need to deploy or configure any server.

3CX video conferencing is the only plugin-free video conferencing solution. Using 3CX video conferencing, you can share screen and documents, collaborate with your team and provide remote access without installing plugin.

3CX Video Conferencing Cost

3CX solution offer luxurious features, and it has a competitive edge compare to Go to meeting, Mitel, Cisco WebEx, Zoom and others. Yet, when it comes to cost, its free as part of 3CX PBX license. As far as the price is concern, the 3CX conferencing and collaboration system is the best option for business.

Plugin Free Video Conference

The 3CX solution is the only plugin-free video conferencing system. Both the host and the guest do not need to install any browser extension, plugin or software to take part in a video call. You can do a video call, screen share, document share and chat using Chrome without the need to install any software. 3CX Video conferencing run on standard https/443 internet port and does not need firewall modifications. This help many participants joining the conference from their work network without asking IT to change the firewall.

Phone & Tablet Support

3CX provides a free video conferencing app to allow participants to join the conference using mobile devices. The mobile app makes it easy for users on mobile devices to access high-quality video and other features using a friendly interface. The 3CX video conference app does not require guests to sign up or create an account. Instead, the participant only needs to click on the link, and the app takes cares of the rest

Team Collaboration

3CX Video conferencing allow your team to collaborate regardless of geographic distance. The participant only needs Google Chrome to participate from any device including PC, Laptop, Mac, Linux and Chrome book. Participants can chat, share screen, share documents, conduct poll, and so much more. 

Webinar Plugin for Website

3CX make it simple and easy for your participant to connect to a live webinar using Google Chrome. 3CX also provides a plugin to advertise your webinar on your website. The webinar plugin makes it convenient for the partners and clients to join from your website. The recording function can record the entire webinar and delivery to the host in an mp4 format. The host can send the link to participants or anyone on his mailing list to allow them to watch the webinar recording.

Online Classroom

3CX solution is ideal for education institutes. The teacher can run the online class from his bedroom with a clear voice, video, and screen sharing. The 3CX conferencing solution allows you to control the virtual classroom by managing chat, audio and video features. The class teacher can conduct quiz, deliver lecture using power point and share additional resources like pdf files. The students can join the class from any device and from anywhere without the need to install any software. You can also record the lecture for those who missed it to watch it later.

Remote Access

3CX system allow the ability for a participant to provide remote access to their device with a single click. You don’t need to use multiple systems to run your business support, 3CX is all you need to get the job done. 

3CX allow your staff to create their unique URL. The requester can use the URL to join and request help from a staff member. You can use 3CX remote access to provide product and computer support for staff and customers. You do not need to buy a separate license for external entities or staff its all part of your phone system license.

Permissions and Control

Stay in control as a host. You can block annoying participant remove their ability to request voice control, chat or kick them out. 3CX video conferencing provide complete control to you as a host to manage your participant. If you need to co-host and allow your colleague to present, you can do that with a single click.


3CX video conferencing is the only plugin-free video conferencing solution. Using 3CX video conferencing, you can share screen and documents, collaborate with your team and provide remote access. Compare to other platforms including Go to Meeting, WebEx, zoom and Skype for business, 3CX is simpler to use for both host and the guest. It requires no on-premise set up for video conferencing and provides the ability to host a conference call for up to 250 Participants. 3CX plugin free capabilities, mobile app and cost make it the best business video conferencing solution.

For deep dive into the 3CX phone system and video conferencing book your demo today with iVersion or call us 1800 864 868.

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