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A Fixed Cost Offer | Monitoring Round-The-Clock | Uptime 99.9% Guaranteed

Switch to 3CX Cloud Hosted PBX system and save up to 80% on your business phone system cost. With iVersion, Australia’s foremost business phone system provider in your corner never again fear the challenge of a phone system migration. Our years of experience in VOIP and IP telephony working with many phone system solutions, including Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, and ShoreTel, is to your advantage. We provide fully managed enterprise-grade server updates, administration, end-user support, and round the clock monitoring.

3CX Cloud Hosted PBX

12 Reasons to Choose iVersion for Cloud Hosted 3CX PBX

24/7/365 Support


20% Off On 3CX License


Local Australian Support


No Contract


99.9% SLA On Cloud PBX


Unlimited Calls


10 Years Of Experience


3CX Certified Staff


3CX End User Training


Automatic Updates


Automatic Backups


Security & Compliance


The iVersion Managed Business Phone System

If you are one of the many small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a voice expert on staff, it shouldn’t hold you back for a second. iVersion, a leading managed PBX solution provider, does - and more. Our professional resources are available to you twenty fours hours a day, which means guaranteed 99.9% SLA uptime. We maintain and update your phone system to the highest-held standards without breaking the bank. Before we work together, know exactly how our fees fit into your budget by taking advantage of the compelling iVersion fixed cost offer.

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A Cloud Hosted PBX Provider Offering Reliability and Versatility

Are you trying to do business with an unreliable phone system?

Customers have little patience for disrupted communications. Also, it slows your staff down and is no good for morale. In our digital era, failure to provide seamless conferencing and one-on-one connection degrades your company image and brand. We’d go so far as to say that it’s one of the most critical but underrated parts of your business. You need to ensure market and internal contact across relevant dimensions are always available. That said, SMB generally falls short on deploying and maintaining redundant infrastructure. Cloud is a perfect low-cost alternative on both scores for your PBX with high availability, scalability, and security. iVersion cloud-hosted PBX is the quickest route to your most viable communication solutions. With us in your corner, you know that your phones are working all of the time.

Get the Most Out of Your 3CX PBX

No Contract, Low 3CX Cloud Hosting Cost

A phone system with no lock-in contract and a clear option to move away at any time is an offer you can’t refuse. We don’t build customer trust by including difficult contract exits or by charging penalties to get released. Our clients stay with us because they know the value we provide beats with any competitor and most in-house experts for that matter. We have no intention of changing that advantage, which signifies confidence in our service quality. If or when you feel you no longer need us, there’s no small print to stop you from leaving.

No Limits & No Restrictions

Using iVersion Cloud Hosted 3CX PBX leaves capacity for unlimited user extensions at no extra cost. Join the multiple customers that have climbed onto the iVersion unlimited calls bandwagon. It’s a structured plan that gives you a cloud-hosted 3CX phone system for one fixed monthly bill, with no limits or restrictions on what you can or cannot do with it. Our 3CX Cloud Hosting Cost options are second to none.

Strengthen Your Business With Cutting Edge 3CX & AWS Cloud Technologies to Grow Profitably.

We’re the Right Fully Managed 3CX Cloud Hosted PBX Provider to manage your IT needs.


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