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What makes Small Business Websites Vulnerable to Malware Infection and Attacks?

by Fahad Mahmood
September 25, 2020

Small business websites are an easy target for even amateur hackers for several reasons. Website malware infection is a serious problem for many Australian businesses. In the growing era of cybersecurity threats, hackers have doubled their efforts to target small business websites. An infected website is a serious problem for small business reputation because:

  1. It spreads viruses to your customers when they visit your website.
  2. It may send unsolicited email to people using your business domain name, and as a result of this, your domain will have a bad reputation.
  3. It may redirect your website traffic to other websites.
  4. Security software like antiviruses may add your domain and IP and Emails to their blacklists. As a result of this, your customers may not get your email messages or get a warning when they open your website.

Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap web hosting is the biggest culprit. Most small businesses go for cheap web hosting providers to save money without realising it’s pitfalls. Cheap web hosting providers cut corners by overpopulating their server (resulting in poor performance and speed) and by not providing sufficient security controls to keep the cost low and beat the cheap drum louder and louder.

Limited Budget

Small businesses don’t have money to spend on website security and regular updates. Most small companies build their website when they start a business and never look back for years. An outdated website code, for example, an old version of WordPress would have many known vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit with almost zero effort.

Website Malware Cleaning

If you ask your hosting provider to help you with cleaning malware from your website, you will most likely get a recommendation for a third-party solution like Sucuri with a few hundred dollars invoice. Ask us for remediation, and you will get a fix without buying another product.

Many web hosting providers consider infected websites as an opportunity to sell another product to make extra revenue. Their interest in selling another product for security to increase revenue is an inherent problem which is why they don’t offer website security as part of their hosting service. A cheap web hosting deal is their way of luring you in so they later exploit you for more money when your website becomes infected.

We consider this exploitation as unethical and unacceptable. iVersion Shared web hosting comes with malware protection and a cleanup service at no extra cost. Security is not optional but a compulsory part of all our solutions. Using Imunify 360 the best malware protection system available in the market, we actively protect your website against cybersecurity threats and clean infected files in real-time. Got an infected web site, move to us for your thirty days trial and get a free malware cleanup. We keep you with us by servicing you with the best solution for your business, try the iVersion difference today.

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