3CX Certified SIP Trunk

Get 3CX certified SIP trunk for from iVersion to save thousands on your phone bill. iVersion offer unlimited local, national and mobile calls within Australia. Using our unlimited plan, you can fix your phone bill and avoid unexpected call cost. Our pay as you go plan provider a low-cost alternate for business needing SIP for inbound calls and limited outbound calls.  iVersion SIP service run on a redundant network and use multiple upstream providers. We offer guaranteed call quality for all inbound and outbound calls using our SIP service. Our SIP service is also compatible with the T.38 protocol for faxing.

Benefits of Choosing Our SIP Trunk

24/7/365 Support
Unlimited and Pay-As-You-Go plans
Local Australian based support
Eliminate expensive telco costs
T.38 Fax Support
Port your existing phone numbers
Experience the power of unified communications
Keep your existing phone system

SIP Trunk rates & plans

SIP Trunk with

Unlimited Calls*

inc GST
  • Includes 1x DID
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Unlimited Mobile Calls
  • 13/1300 33c per call
  • International Calls from 1.9c per minute

SIP Trunk with

Rated Calls

inc GST
  • Includes 1x DID
  • Local Calls 10c per call
  • National Calls 10c per call
  • Mobile Calls 14c per minute
  • 13/1300 33c per call
  • International Calls from 1.9c per minute

International Call rates - for a full list of international call rates please contact us

Phone Number (DID) Pricing


Reduce your Call Cost

Many SIP providers are offering low cost per channel rate for their SIP service but the charge for the call cost. Most of the profit in SIP service depends on you making calls, especially mobile calls. Mobile call are bulk of the phone bill because they are charge per minute. We offer two different plans to get the best cost to optimise service for you.

You can mix-match both plans to get the best value. For example, you can get bulk of your channels on a PAYG plan for your inbound traffic and few channels on unlimited plan for outbound traffic. By mixing both plans, you can save monthly spend by reducing the number of unlimited channels and fixing your call cost. Using our unlimited calls plan, you can fix your phone bill and avoid nasty shocks. Unlimited plan help you manage your IT budget and keep your SIP cost in control.

Fax Support

Our SIP Trunk offers complete support for T.38 fax protocol. If you are using your PBX to send and receive faxes then you can count on our SIP service to deliver. If you are using 3CX PBX, you can use our SIP trunk to receive and send faxes using 3CX.

Porting Numbers Across

When you use our SIP service, you can port your existing numbers across from any provider. We simplified the porting process for you. All you need to do is to provide us with the list of numbers and your current provider name we take care of the rest. We organise a time that suits your business and assist you in every step of the way to port your numbers across. After the porting process is complete, we update your inbound and outbound rules to ensure a smooth transition.

3CX Certified Trunk

Our SIP server is 3CX certified and supported. You can use almost any SIP Trunk with 3CX PBX system, but 3CX recommends using 3CX certified SIP Trunk. 3CX certified SIP Trunk ensure complete compatibility with current and future version of 3CX. Each new update is test against all certified SIP products to ensure compatibility. 3CX certified SIP trunk provides peace of mind that your SIP service and the PBX is cover by 3CX support. If you ever run into trouble with your 3CX PBX, you get full support from 3CX.

Cloud Connectivity

Our SIP trunk work over the internet with a guaranteed quality of service. You don’t need a private WAN link or direct connect to establish a connection between you PBX server and SIP trunk. Add our SIP trunk to your PBX and make sure your PBX server has internet access, you are all set. Enjoy excellent call quality and benefit of the cloud with no limitation.

Redundant Network Infrastructure

Our SIP infrastructure is redundant across multiple locations to avoid downtime. We use multiple layers of security to protect our SIP infrastructure. We deploy multiple servers, switches and links to ensure there is no single point of failure. When you choose our SIP Trunk, you don’t need an additional SIP provider for redundancy.

Multiple First-Class Upstream Providers

Upstream carriers are used to connect VOIP service to Public telephone network, think of it as Internet links. Some provider relies on a single upstream carrier, and when that fails, you can not make or receive call using your SIP trunk. We use multiple first-class upstream carriers to provide complete redundant path for calls.