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Fully Managed IT Support Services


Hardware & Software Procrument

If you are looking to upgrade or purchase new hardware and software for your business, we can assist you in choosing the right product for your business. We are a partner with many leading hardware & software companies, and our bulk buying power can ensure a good deal for your next purchase.

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IT Support

We offer 24/7 IT support for SMBs.  If you are a small-medium business with no IT staff, use our helpdesk as yours. For Enterprise with onsite IT staff, we can provide additional resources when your employees are off on leave, or we can provide our specialist expertise to troubleshoot complex problems for your IT. No matter how simple or complex your IT problem is we are here to help.


Network Integration

We offer expert network integration services to integrate all of your computer network systems, allowing you and your employees to work seamlessly from the office or a remote location. Our services include ensuring high availability, network optimisation and improving the security of your network.


Server Support

We can provide you with complete server support for both Windows Server & Linux platforms. If you need an expert to deploy a new server operating system or upgrade existing servers and related services IVersion can help. Our server support can ensure a quick troubleshooting response to Windows Server & Linux issues and guaranteed to have minimal downtime for your servers.

IVersion Cloud Solutions

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a leading business grade email system that most enterprise use. We have it hosted on our network with 99.9% uptime guarantee to provide you with the enterprise email system at a small business price. Using our Hosted Exchange, you can access your email, contact & calendar from anywhere and from any device securely.


Secure Cloud Backup

Your Data is an important and valuable asset for your business, and you need to make sure that your data is protected. Our cloud backup system offers simple and secure backup for all your servers and endpoints. Our backup solution is a low cost and highly secure, we ensure confidentiality and availability of your data by encrypting your files on your computer before transferring them, which mean only you have access to your information using a secure password, and we offer 99.9 guaranteed uptime.


Cloud Hosted VOIP

Our hosted VOIP is the best solution for SMBs, using our solution you do not have to worry about maintaining old PSTN network or on premise PABX server. We take care of all the hard work and provide you the VOIP solution that is more than a phone. You can set up a complex call routing, Auto attendant, and business greeting. Our solution is low cost and feature rich, meaning we guarantee to reduce your bill while provide professional enterprise grade functionality to your business to increase mobility and productivity.


Website Hosting

Along with website development, we can also host your website on our cutting edge fully redundant network. Our web servers are setup in environmentally friendly and ISO 27001 compliant data centre. We run our network on cutting edge VMWare virtualisation technology backed by fast Solar State Storage. If you are looking for business grade redundant fast website hosting service with 27/7 support, then you have come to the right place.

IT Security


Virus Protection & Removal

Don’t let Viruses get in the way of your business. The rise of ransomware and other viruses has seen many businesses hampered. We can both help you remove viruses and setup software to ensure that you are protected from viruses. We offer business grade Security solutions to help you tackle complex malware like ransomware. Our solutions empower you to protect against viruses & spams, and it offers additional functionality to restrict certain website and application to stop your employees wasting IT resources. Our mobile device solution ensures that not just your PC but your tablets and mobile phones are protected as well.


Website Security

Website hacking and denial of service are rapidly growing threats. Hackers defaced websites by replacing the text on the site or make them completely unavailable to the public by sending the excess amount of bogus traffic. Hacker silently also inject viruses into the legitimate business website to use it as a mechanism to spread viruses. This mean that your business reputation is on the stack and your website may get blocked by search engines and affect your online marketing.  We provide cutting edge website security firewall to block these attacks before even they can reach your web server. Our website security service including 24/7 monitoring of your website to protect it from getting infected and blocked.


IP Surveillance

Physical security is a fundamental component in protecting your IT and none IT assets. We offer cost effective IP Surveillance (CCTV) solution. Our solution does not just record by issue real-time alerts with images to your mobile phone when an intruder is detected in the area so you can take appropriate actions at the right time prevent loss.


Identity Management

Identity management offer centralizes user accounts management and provide greater control for businesses manage authentication & authorization to computers & information resources. We are expert in designing and implementing Active Directory / LDAP base authentication system. Our services include integrating different application to log on using single authentication database and provide simple administration and control for your business.


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