iVersion Managed Multi Cloud Services

Replace your Ageing Infrastructure with the Managed Multi Cloud

End your never-ending struggle with the ageing infrastructure by replacing it with the multi cloud services. Switch to iVersion Managed Multi Cloud and replace your on-premise infrastructure with zero capital expenditure or contract. Multi-Cloud infrastructure is a new way of running business-critical services without having to manage underline infrastructure. Take advantage of SaaS and IaaS offerings by cloud providers to reduce your workload and complexity while improving security and compliance. Talk to iVersion expert to find out how Multi-Cloud orchestrated infrastructure can help your business.  

How Can We Help?

Cloud Architecture

iVersion can design and build well-structured Multi-Cloud Architecture for your business. We design your cloud environment to meet your current and future growth.


We enable connectivity using VPN and Direct Connect between your office, data centre locations and the Cloud.


Enjoy the benefits of AWS, Azure and Citrix Cloud without the hassle, let our expert deal with your migration challenges. It’s like hiring a removalist to move to your new home.

Cost Optimisation

Already using Microsoft Cloud and Amazon Web Services, we can help your business save thousands by optimising your workloads in the cloud.

Security & Compliance

iVersion managed cloud security services takes care of your part of the shared security responsibilities. Working with your Cloud providers iVersion can deliver well optimise and secure cloud infrastructure.

Support & Expertise

Cloud providers support is limited to their services, you can depend on iVersion support to provide complete end to end support. Our support includes cloud services, OS and application layer.

Let us know how can we help?

iVersion has the expertise and experience with major cloud platforms including Azure, Office 365, AWS, and Citrix. Hiring us mean you need no one else. No need to figure out who is responsible for what part of the network, we take care of everything, so you can take care of your business.

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How Can We Help?

Cloud Hosted Mail

Use Office 365 for your business email and get rid of the ongoing struggle with managing your Exchange on-premise or other mail system.

Hybrid Cloud

Use public cloud to expand your private cloud resources without having to upgrade your storage or servers.

Cloud DR

Establish direct connectivity to the cloud and use it for hot DR site without having to pay for the resources unless you fail over to the cloud. The lowest cost robust hot DR option available for your business.

Cloud Compute

Deploy Windows and Linux servers in matter of minutes without the need to purchase hardware or software. Move your on-premise virtual machines to the cloud and save on licensing, storage, and computer cost while delivering faster and redundant resources.

Cloud Hosted Database

Host your database in the cloud and get rid of stress managing database engine. Use cloud RDS to improve your database availability without deploying database servers.

Cloud Backup

Store your backups in low cost S3 and Glacier storage and get rid the tapes and their associated cost. Backup your infrastructure and data to cloud storage or use it for deduplication.

We have the Expertise to Manage Multiple Cloud Platforms

Multi Cloud

How does Managed Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Help Your Business?

iVersion Managed Cloud Services takes cares of your cloud security, management, cost optimisation and day to day administration. iVersion's Managed Multi-Cloud network design takes advantage of multiple public cloud providers to accomplish better service availability and reduce cost. In a typical Multi-Cloud design, we utilise different cloud providers to deliver different services based on features offered by provider and cost. We use one cloud platform to back up another cloud platform to provide vendor agnostic data protection. Unlike IaaS and On-Premise infrastructure there is no upfront capital cost or long-term contract associated with cloud offerings.

IT Staff Relaxing

On-Premise and IaaS vs Multi-Cloud


On-Premise infrastructure requires a lot of manpower to maintain and it is expensive. You have purchase upfront hardware and software and keep upgrading every few years. You are sole responsible for hardware, hypervisor, OS and application management.


On-Premise infrastructure requires a lot of manpower to maintain and it is expensive. You have purchase upfront hardware and software and keep upgrading every few years. You are sole responsible for hardware, hypervisor, OS and application management.

Multi-Cloud PaaS and SaaS

Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service and Software as a Service provide server less compute and reduce IT overhead. You no longer need to manage underline layers but perform simple day to day administration while cloud provider takes care of hardware, network, OS, application and data. Unlike On-Premise and IaaS public cloud provider don’t require a fixed long term commitment or upfront cost. You only pay for the duration and the resources you use.