Do you have Backup of your Important Data?



A recent survey highlighted scary statistics about the challenges of Ransomware virus known as a crypto locker to small and medium businesses. A Ransomware is a virus that encrypts (lock) files such as word documents and excel spreadsheets using strong encryption and then demand a ransom from the data owner to unlock his files. The ransom is paid using an anonymous payment service Bitcoin to the hackers. Hundreds of businesses have been the victim of this attack in recent months. We strongly recommend not to pay any ransom for two reasons:

  • You are not guaranteed to get your files unlocked
  • Secondly, it may encourage the bad guys to target you again or other people

Small & Medium businesses are the ideal target for malicious hackers to skim money because most of the small & medium business do not have a Backup system or use the simple external disk to copy data as a backup. Lack of backup provides additional leverage for hackers because in the absence of a backup copy of the data the victim is more likely to pay the ransom to recover his files. In addition to this if you are manually backing up files using the external disk, there is a probability that the virus may spread to the external device and encrypt files on your backup source.


Antivirus applications are mostly failed to protect against Ransomware

If you think surely an antivirus software can protect me from cryptovirus, then you are wrong. Most crypto viruses are engineered to wipe them self after encrypting serval thousand files. Therefore it is almost impossible for antivirus companies to gain samples of the virus to build signature.


Backup is not just IT, it is a lifeblood of your business

You need a backup, specifically an offsite backup. An automated offsite backup is the only way to protect your business critical data from all sort of disasters including:

  • Virus attack
  • Ransomware Crypto Locker attack
  • Hard disk failure
  • Theft and loss of device
  • Fire and flooding


Why is Cloud Backup the fastest growing Backup solution?

Cloud backup backs up your files, servers, and databases on the separate network in the cloud. The cloud network is designed to be highly secure and running on secure Linux version. Because cloud backup saves your data on separate location than your business premises, therefore, it provides additional safety against risks like flooding, fire, and theft. In addition to this cloud backup can backup your mobile devices such as laptop and tablets from anywhere. It is ideal for people who work from multi locations, home, and remote sites because regardless of you physical location you device is still backed up to the cloud as long as you have an internet connection.

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