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What makes Small Business Websites Vulnerable to Malware Infection and Attacks?

Small business websites are an easy target for even amateur hackers for several reasons. Website malware infection is a serious problem for many Australian businesses. In the growing era of cybersecurity threats, hackers have doubled their efforts to target small business websites. An infected website is a serious problem for small business reputation because:

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Business Web Hosting With High Availability

Get business web hosting that provide speed, high availability and security rather than exploiting you for more money. If you are serious about uptime and disaster recovery for your online store and website, don’t just buy any hosting by a disaster-proof web hosting built

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A Slow Web Hosting is Bad for Your Business

It is common knowledge that many providers offer website hosting for as low as $1 a month. However, is that all your web hosting costing your business? Maybe not. Cheap web hosting is costing your business
a lot more than $1 because you are losing

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