AWS Cloud Migration and Management

Many businesses are in the process of migrating to the cloud or its part of their planning. If you have a presence in AWS or thinking of migrating to the cloud, IVersion can help.

IVersion provides consultation on cloud infrastructure migration and design. We can help you with best practices and hassle-free migration to the AWS cloud. If you want to know more about how AWS cloud can assist you in reducing the cost compared to traditional data centre setup feel free to contact us for further discussion.

What do you get when you sign up for AWS account?

AWS is the largest cloud (distributed computing network in the world) when you open an account with AWS, it provides your organisation with access to hundreds of data centre locations at no commitment and no cost.

Unlike tradition cloud providers, AWS does not require any commitment or contract, and you don’t need to pay for server or network resources for the long term. You can create a complete network with hundreds of servers, use it for an hour and then delete it. You will only pay for the hour you use the resources, no commitment or big cost.

A typical SMB cloud structure vs AWS

A tradition SMB cloud setup consists of one or two sites, typically head office on-premise network and a datacentre shared tenancy, while this may provide peace of mind that you have more than one location, but it comes at a very high cost and long-term commitment.

Compare to a traditional cloud offering AWS offer access to thirteen geographical locations, with at least three availability zones, each consist of multiple data centres at no cost and no commitment.

AWS Cost Optimisation

A transparent pricing structure is available on the AWS website for businesses to compare and calculate their costing, because of the extensive number of services offered by AWS and some terminologies often cause confusion and hesitation to for new users.

IVersion offers one on one no obligation cost assessment for your current services and resources, including migration cost. We will break down those terminologies and create a simple business report with a clear cost estimate for you to run your network in AWS.

Security and Compliance

Tired of working day and night to meet your security compliance, AWS and IVersion make this process seamless for you. AWS offer shared responsibility network security model, which mean AWS will look after the infrastructure layer and the tenant is responsible for OS and applications including access management. By transferring to AWS, you no longer need to worry about the underlying hardware, network and physical security. AWS network is compliant with almost every security standard including HIPPA, PCI-DSS, ISO and others.

IVersion can help you maintain the security at the operating system and application level. We can ensure that your network is secure from unauthorised access. Together using AWS architecture and IVersion network management and security services you will have the optimal secure network at minimal cost.

Proof of Concept

Interested in getting a proof of concept, let us set up a prototype and run one of your services in the cloud at a fixed cost. We will build the VPC (virtual private cloud), integrate it with your on-premise network using secure VPN and run a service for you.

At the end of the trial, we expect you will be comfortable with migrating to the AWS cloud. If you are not satisfied, we will refund the integration and setup cost.

Book a no obligation cloud assessment with us, call 1800 864 868