A Slow Web Hosting is Bad for Your Business

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It is common knowledge that many providers offer website hosting for as low as $1 a month. However, is that all your web hosting costing your business? Maybe not. Cheap web hosting is costing your business a lot more than $1 because you are losing your website visitors. According to Google if your website takes longer than five seconds to load, you are most likely to lose visitors because no one like to wait.

Stop! Before you try to open your website on your computer, of course, it will open in a second. Because your website has a copy stored in your computer memory, and it is not loading from the internet. Try it after clearing your internet history, and you will notice slow loading speed.

Does this mean Shared web hosting is not suitable for your Business?

Definitely not. As a matter of fact, most businesses only need a shared hosting and don’t need VPS or dedicated server. However, it is crucial to choose the right hosting provider that offer good performance. Price should not be the only decisive factor, you should check the performance and security of hosting service. In this article, we highlight some of the issues with low-cost hosting, and how we tackle those issues to deliver fast and secure cloud web hosting.

Over Occupancy

Over occupant, the hosting server is running more than what it can handle. It’s like a shared accommodation with too many people. If you are one of the tenants, you may get lucky for a few hours in a day when other tenants are out. However, when everyone is back, the place will be crowded with no room to move. Like this, there may be a time when your website response is fast and reasonable. However, when all hosted sites are busy at the same time, the over occupancy will make them all slow.

Malware & Viruses

Like in our example of share accommodation, if one tenant catches the flue, all other tenants are susceptible to get sick. Low cost shared web hosting is dangerous for your website and a perfect playground for hackers. Your website is at risk of cross-contamination unless your hosting provider is using a paid operating system like cloud Linux to protect your account. Most low-cost hosting providers don’t use Cloud Linux to cut down on their cost.

Server Management and Backups

All IT systems are prone to fail even if the perfect ones. Low-cost hosting providers do not provide a complete solution for your website. Cheap hosting providers don’t care about business continuity and disaster recovery, and it can cost your business in a big way. Failing to plan is planning to fail. When the disaster strike, it is not a time to prepare, it’s time to response. Low-cost hosting will leave you in limbo, and make you deal with the mess.

Lightning Fast Shared Web Hosting

Most hosting providers use WHM / CPanel to manage their shared hosting environment. But not all use the Cloud Linux. We do, all our shared hosting servers are running Cloud Linux. Cloud Linux is ideal for a shared hosting environment. It creates a virtual container for each website on the server. Using virtual container Cloud Linux protects your website from bugs and malware from other sites on the server. Cloud Linux provides the same level of privacy and protection in a shared hosting environment as a dedicated or a virtual server.

Business Continuity

We built our hosting infrastructure to provide almost 100% up time. But, if a disaster strike, our hosting infrastructure is ready to deal with any disaster. Unlike other hosting providers, we test our recovery time and objectives. We ensure uptime by using auto disaster recovery technology as part of all our hosting plans. Using auto recovery technology if a server fails all websites running on that server shift to a different server. The automatic shift happens within one minute of failure with no human intervention. We use a robust backup system to allow quick restore within minutes, and we keep last 30 days backup for your peace of mind.

Cloud Web Hosting with no Limits

We don’t own a single server. Instead, we leave it to Amazon to manage them. Because they are the largest cloud provider and good at it. Our network infrastructure is not limited to a couple of locations and a few servers. Benefiting from AWS cloud our network is across thirteen regions and consist of tens of data centers. Our cloud adoption strategy ensures that your website is always available and running from the cloud.

Cloud Web Hosting Cost

Our hosting is not cheap, but it’s not expensive either. We offer competitive price with no compromise on performance and security. Check out our shared hosting plan and try it for fifteen days for free. Get the lightning fast web hosting without breaking your budget. For more information call us on 1800 864 868

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